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Jaundice is a yellowish discoloration of the skin, mucous membranes and of the white of the eyes caused by elevated levels of the chemical bilirubin in the blood (hyperbilirubinemia). The term jaundice is derived from the French word jaune, which means yellow. Jaundice is not a disease per se, but



Unpredictable and irritating, psoriasis is one of the most baffling and persistent of skin disorders. It's characterized by skin cells that multiply up to 10 times faster than normal. As underlying cells reach the skin's surface and die, their sheer volume causes raised, red plaques covered with white scales. Psoriasis


Kidney Stone

As the kidneys filter waste from the blood, they create urine. Sometimes, salts and other minerals in urine stick together to form small kidney stones. These range from the size of a sugar crystal to a ping pong ball, but they are rarely noticed unless they cause a blockage. They


Skin Diseases

Skin disorders vary greatly in symptoms and severity. They can be temporary or permanent and may be painless or painful. Some have situational causes, while others may be genetic. Some skin conditions are minor, and others can be life-threatening.

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Dr. Hemant is globally renowned as a clear and innovative thinker and is best known for his original and inspired concepts in homoeopathy. His ideas and lucid style make him very popular as a practician amongst homoeopaths worldwide. He practices in Mahrajganj District in Uttar Pradesh. He works in his clinic Pramila Homeo Clinic And Research Center and serve people by his kind nature. Dr. Hemant Srivasatav is a world famous homeopath. He is renowned for his groundbreaking ideas and for his visionary way of thinking in homeopathy. Dr. Hemant is a world record holder, Recently he remove a largest ureteric stone without surgery by homoeopathy treatment, He has deep knowledge of materia medica. He has good experience about stones and chronic diseases more than 5000 patients of stone are under his treatment. He is also a social worker.


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